Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 4pm-10pm

Wednesday - 4pm-10pm

Thursday - 4pm-10pm

Friday - 4pm-11pm

Saturday - 4pm-11pm

Sunday - 4pm-10pm

$1 Dumplings and our Happy Hour menu is available daily 4pm-5pm


  • Reservations can be made at any time by visiting OpenTable or by calling the restaurants after 2pm

  • All reservations and walk-ins will be given a COVID screen and have their temperature taken before they enter our dining areas

  • All reservations require a credit card in order to complete the booking (please see cancelation policy for details)

  • All reservations are confirmed via a phone call 24 hours before the reservation. Below is what we cover on that confirmation call:

    • Confirm the time, and number of guests

    • Will you be requiring room for a stroller or a high chair? 

    • Any allergies or dietary restrictions

    • If it rains would you like us to 1. cancel the reservation and allow you to reschedule, 2. book you to another day/time that you have advised us on, or 3. delivery you take out!?

    • Will you prefer our reusables silverware, cups, and napkins or would you and your party prefer disposable settings? Disposable settings are $3 per person.

    • COVID screening question

    • Your other party guests will be screened at the door

    • You and your guests will have your temperatures taken before entering our dining area. Any party who has a guest with a temperature over 100 degrees will be asked to leave and reschedule with us at another time. No cancellation fee will be charged.

    • Please be mindful of our cancelation policy 

    • A $5 PPE charge will be applied to your check - we do this to offer full transparency. We prefer to do this in lieu of raising our prices



  • No show reservations or reservation canceled not in compliance with our cancelation policy will be charged $35 per person

  • Due to limited capacity, our cancelation policy has been changed to 24 hours’ notice

  • Please stay home if you are not feeling well and have a temperature of 100 or above

  • You will not be charged the cancelation fee if you or someone in your party is not feeling well


Banyan Bar & Refuge

553 Tremont St.

Boston, MA 02116




(we are currently not booking parties larger than 6)




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